Avoyelles Parish Clerk of Court

Connie F. Desselle

How to Apply for Marriage License, Birth and Death Certificates



  • A Louisiana marriage license is valid only for ceremonies performed in the state of Louisiana.
  • A marriage license may be issued in any parish, regardless of where the ceremony is to be performed or where the parties reside. A marriage license must be returned to the parish where it was issued.
  • The fee for a Louisiana marriage license varies by parish and is required at the time of application.
  • This fee is non-refundable.
  • FEE: $27.50 in Cash, or Money Order; Credit or Debit Card (add a 4% fee)

Application information required:

A couple must:

  • Follow Article 90: impediments of relationship
    The following persons, whether legitimate or illegitimate, may not contract marriage with each other; Ascendants and descendants. Collateral within the fourth degree, whether of the whole or the half blood. The impediment exists whether the persons are related by consanguinity or by adoption. Nevertheless, person related by adoption, though not by blood, in the collateral line within the fourth degree may marry each other if they obtain judicial authorization in writing to do so.
  • Both applicants must be 18 years old in order to purchase a marriage license without parental or court intervention.
  • Applicants for a marriage license may be made by either applicant of the marriage; only one applicant needs to be present, but must present all required documents;

Required Documents:

  • A current driver’s license, current state ID or passport
  • Provide address for both applicants. (Street, City, State, Parish/County, and also know if the residence is in the city limits)
  • Provide father’s full name and mother’s full maiden name for both applicants and the state in which each parent was born.
  • Provide the highest grade completed in school for both applicants.
  • Applicants must provide both Social Security numbers
  • (examples: Social Security Card, Driver’s License with social security number on it, Military ID, W2)
  • If no number had been issued, that person must sign a statement (Exhibit “E3” in compliance with RS 9.224 (A)(6) and RS 9:22(B); to that effect and must appear in person.
  • An Official birth certificate or official birth card with the raised seal of the state for both applicants.
  • Driver’s licenses, State Identification cards, Military identification cards, Passports or Naturalization may NOT be substituted for the birth certificates.
  • If either or both applicants cannot comply with the requirements above due to extenuating circumstances, he/she will be directed to a district judge to obtain a waiver in compliance with R.S. 9:228.
  • Original foreign language birth certificates must be translated into English by that country’s consulate per LA R.S. 13:3725. No other translations are acceptable. Foreign language originals must be submitted along with the original translations.
  • If the applicant has been previously married, the applicant must provide a signed, dated copy of the final divorce decree or judgment, or if the former spouse is deceased, a copy of the death certificate.

Marriage Waiting Period:

  • There is a 24 hour waiting period between the time of issuance of the license and the ceremony.
  • The waiting period can be waived by District Judge or Justice of the Peace in the parish where the license was issued.
  • The waiver must be attached to the completed marriage certificate when it is returned to the clerk of the district court.

Age Requirements:

  • If either applicant to the marriage is 16 or 17 years of age, the signatures of both parents are required along with their identification.
  • If either applicant is under the age of 16, a court order signed by a State District Judge is required, along with the signatures of both parents and their identification.
  • Parents must be the same individuals as named on the applicants birth certificate, and must appear in proper person with current official identification to sign the permission document.
  • Parents must appear with the applicants at the time of license application.
  • Sole custody papers presented must be certified legal documents as issued by the court relating to the minor applicant.
  • Provisional custody by mandate documents, power of attorney, and notarial emancipation are NOT acceptable.

The Clerk’s office will only accept a Judicial Emancipation signed by a State District Judge.

Identification Requirements for a Birth Certificate and/or Death Certificate

Persons who apply for a certified copy of a Birth Certificate and/or Death Certificate must produce identification in the form of one primary document or two secondary documents. 

Primary Documents- Any one of these:

  • Current state issued driver’s license that displays a photograph which clearly identifies the applicant
  • Current state issued picture identification that displays a photograph which clearly identifies the applicant
  • Current U.S. military identification card that displays a photograph which clearly identifies the applicant
  • Current U.S. issued or Foreign issued Passport
  • U.S. Certificate of Naturalization (Form N-550, N-570, N-578)
  • U.S. Certificate of Citizenship (Form N-560 or N-578)
  • Students (high school or younger) a current school yearbook or a current school identification document with a photograph which clearly identifies the applicant

Secondary Documents- Any two of these:

  • Current student picture identification card from a college or university when accompanied by a 100% fee paid receipt for the current semester (Counts as two documents)
  • A W-2 from issued within the last two years plus an original signed Social Security Card. The Social Security numbers must match
    (Counts as two documents)
  • Original adoption papers
  • Official certified deeds or title to property
  • Certificate of vehicle title
  • Insurance policy must show name of the applicant (Health, Home, Life, and Auto)
  • Payroll stub (cannot be handwritten) showing the name and social security number of the applicant
  • Current U.S. military dependent identification card that displays a photograph which clearly identifies the applicant
  • Original DD-214 Military Discharge document which clearly identifies the applicant
  • Voter’s Registration application (certified true copy)

The cost of a Birth Certificate is $34.00

The cost of a Birth Certificate and Birth Card purchased only as a pair is $48.00

The cost a a Death Certificate is $26.00

Payment accepted: Cash and Money Order

In cases where applicants provide or attest to false information, the individual who signs the application is the individual prosecuted.